how to embed iframe snippet in your blog post

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Now the code for embeding inside this blog is generated in the menu: "Project > Share > Embed in your blogpost (on"

Note that you can't directly embed iframe tag. Instead, to embed a snippet inside an iframe into your blogpost you have to:

1/ Press <> button in wysiwyg panel to be able to directly edit RAW html
2/ Paste "<pre class="embedsnippet-47" style="width:850px; height:800px;"></pre>" , where 47 is the snippet id.
3/ Press Save&Publish


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Thank you for showing the official steps to embed the snippet on the blog.

It is very cool interface to access HTML5 world, by the way. ( I mean, html5snippet itself)
I appreciate your great work!
My pleasure. Let's enjoy the HTML5 monster ^^