html5snippet: new BETA ( 2011.07.19 )

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Today we release new html5snippet BETA. What's new ?

Download feature

You can now download every snippet in 2 formats:

- Single, standalone .html5 file: all code & libraries are included in one standalone file ( no external dependencies )

- Zip archive: you get the code & libraries in separate files (each library in its own file)

@see  how to use libraries
@note You can even download unsaved snippets


Mobile & Desktop apps

Once you have downloaded your files, use phonegap build, or titanium to generate a mobile or a desktop app from your snippet ;-)

New echo API

Need to emulate server responce? We now have an api for that. Take a look at this snippet, the code is self explanatory.

Simply do a post request to "/echo/html", "/echo/json", "/echo/xml", "/echo/jsonp", "/echo/js" from your snippet, with post param "echoData" containing the data to send back ! That's all.

15 New libraries supported

@updated   jquery & jquery mobile updated to latest versions

Blogs for everyone

Every user, now has a blog, accessible on it's profile page. The wysiwyg editor helps you write & publish your own articles.

You can embed snippets in your blog with this syntax:   <pre class="embedsnippet-47" style="width:850px; height:800px;"></pre>

@note Iframe tag is not supported
@see  how to access your profile page
@note We have a "save draft" feature ;-)

Firebug lite is back

@see How to use firebug lite in your snippets

Redesigned profile & editor pages

A profile page of each user now have a slide show, generated from automated screenshots of all public snippets of the user, here is for exemple my profile page.

The main page looks a bit better now.

Now when you "mouse hover" snippets, you see automatically generated preview:



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