3 open and modern web standards for client side development. Everything running natively in the browser uses it... but not only in the browser!!

Thanks to phonegap, you can run a html5/css3/js app on your smartphone.

With titanium, you can generate windows/linux/macos installable apps from the same html5/css3/js code.

NodeJS project brings js to the server side, so you can reuse your js skills.

Open source, cross browser js framework & real time saver when it comes to DOM traversing, event handling and asyncronious requests. It has great documantaion and powerfull plugin system.

We are using jQuery for DOM traversing, event handling and asyncronious requests.

Simply the best open source javascript based code editor i've used (tryed codemirror, editArea and ace). Fast, fully customisable, great syntax highlighting, stable api, clean event system.

We are using ace for our code editor.


Not realy proud to use flash on a website about html5, but this js/flash lib is great for generating client-side downloads with very cool save as dialog. Would like to see a standart & cross browser (html5/js) alternative to this.

@see http://updates.html5rocks.com/2011/08/Downloading-resources-in-HTML5-a-download
@see http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/casestudies/box_dnd_download.html#toc-future

We are using downloadify to give you ability to download every snippet.


Amaising js library that helps us generate .zip archives directly in the browser !

We are using JsZip to give you ability to generate .zip package from your snippet, including html/js/css code in separate files as well as all libs used in separate files.


WYSIWYG jQuery Plugin

We are using jWysiwyg to give possibility to each user to write html-based blog posts easily.


There is the list of all icons we have used for the ui:
There is the list of all icons we have used for this document:

Supported Browsers

We have successfuly tested html5snippet in following browsers:
NOTE: please empty your cache before using new versions of html5snippet.