Html5Snippet is a Html / Css / Js playground & snippet sharing platform for web developers & designers !
What's a snippet? Here's some examples:
They're all little, runnable and reusable pieces of code !
Feel free to fork/save/download them and/or write your own snippets and share it with the world :).....


NO Sign Up required

Sign up is not required to use html5snippet. You can write, run, save(local storage), download snippets without signing in. The only feature that require sign in is saving snippets on our server. Note that you can only share server side saved snippets.


You can share every snippet saved on our servers. There is 3 main ways to share: copy/paste a link to the editor(#snippet/47), share full screen result(/snippet/47) or embed the snippet directly into your website using iframe. Note: iframe lazy loading is possible.


You can download every snippet in 2 formats: single, standalone .html file (all code and dependancies are included in this file), and standalone .zip folder. Note that you do NOT need to save a snippet to download it: simply write some code and press download.

Use libraries and frameworks

We officialy support 37 libraries/frameworks (jquery, extjs, threejs, scenejs, glge, raphaeljs, sencha touch, processing, yui, dojo, google maps, protoviz, phpjs, firebug lite...), and if it's not enought just use <script> tag to load your favorite framework.

Echo APIs

Need to emulate server responce? We now have an api for that. Take a look at this snippet, the code is self explanatory. Simply do a post request to '/echo/html', '/echo/json', '/echo/xml', '/echo/jsonp', '/echo/js' from your snippet, with post param 'echoData' containing the data to send back ! That's all.

Syntax highlighting

The editor we're using has very cool syntax highlighting feature built it. It is also very fast, even with large files.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts are really important for productivity. When your editor has focus, press CTRL+ENTER to run snippet, and CTRL+S to save it, CTRL+UP/DOWN to switch to the next/previous tab. Note that you will be prompted for snippet's title only at your first save attempt.

Code everywhere

Write and test code directly in the browser! Save it on one computer, load it from another. No more excuses to not reusing html5/css/js code :)

Single page layout

The code editor and the preview are displayed side by side in a single window.

Personal page

When you create an account, you get a personal public page. On this page, you will see a slide show made from all your public snippets, as well as your personal blog, and of course some basic informations about you: avatar, nickname, link to your website. Example: /people/4

Chrome WebApp

You can use html5snippet as a chrome webapp, check this out.